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Introducing The New Emergency Rescue Lift Device by SMT


The Volaro Rescue Lift was designed to prevent lifting related injuries for rescue workers that need to lift someone in an emergency situation.  The Volaro Rescue Lift weighs less than 50lbs yet can lift up to 500lbs, takes up very little room, sets up in less then 1 minute, and can fit into the tightest areas imaginable.

Lift-from-floor-250 Lift-to-commode-250 Lift-to-commode-2-250
  • Compact storage
  • Sets up in less then 1 minute
  • Weighs less then 50lbs
  • Lifts up to 600lbs
  • Prevents injuries to the rescuer

Perfect for

First Responders

Fire Fighters


Law Enforcement

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Weight Capacity:

400 Lbs.

600 lbs.

 Width at Base:

39- in.

39 in.

 Overall Height:

63-82 in.

63-82 in.

 Beam hook Height:

0-72 in.

0-72 in.



55 lbs.

  • Telescoping Legs allows user to adjust to uneven surfaces
  • Removable feet allows access into the tightest corners with supplied wall bumper
  • Racheting crank assures user can control operation no matter what their personal height

Fits together with pins - No tools needed to assemble


Two models available for 400 and 600 pound capacities